Light source follower with Arduino

Autor: Bajo Sánchez, Cristina
Director: Robles Muñoz, Guillermo


Document in pdf (Spanish)

Video demonstration

Abstract – This work introduces the design of a light tracking system on two axes, based on the Arduino technology as analysis center and automated control of its peripherals. It mainly studies the way that the system operates and the achievement of reactions carried out by a set of devices when incident light is detected. It also analyses the peripheral components able to perform each of these functions and selects the most suitable ones among the different alternatives provided by the market place. This choice, together both the knowledge about the technical features and the possibility of being controlled and integrated in Arduino, takes a crutial role on the study and justification of the designed ensemble. This research process aims to incorporate the best components to the designed system in order to conduct each the proposed functions and, accordingly, the best features for a low-cost and dynamic nature prototype. Its multiple applications will make it a system that could meet many of the existing needs in the high-technology industries (energy, electronic, automation, home automation, etc.)

Keywords – light tracking, focal light, Arduino, photoresistor, servomotor, ultrasound sensor, LCD module.