Energy harvesting from partial discharges

Autor: Molina Sanz, Javier
Director: Robles Muñoz, Guillermo

Bachelor’s thesis in pdf

Abstract – Several manners of extracting energy have become popular in the last years. In particular, energy from magnetic fields captured by inductive principles is one of the most important methods regarding energy harvesting. Obtaining energy from high-power low-frequency signals is currently possible, but the aim of this report goes further. Partial discharge phenomena are revealed outside the insulation as high-frequency pulsing signals produced under high-voltage situations that contributes to the deterioration of the electrical machinery, causing even their failure. It is very important to localize this phenomenon in order to avoid possible futures breakdowns. This project demonstrates how to extract energy from high frequency inductive phenomena. Particularly, the feasibility to harvest energy from partial discharge occurrence is satisfactorily studied. Several energy levels are accumulated in a capacitor depending on the topology implemented. Energy from partial discharges pulses has not been accumulated to date. This report discuss a relation between the voltage across a capacitor and partial discharge events leading to a possible detection system.