Partial discharges pulse shape recognition using an inductive loop sensor


  • 2010 Impact Factor: 1.352
  • 20/87 (Q1) in ‘Engineering Multidisciplinary’
  • Journal Impact Factor Percentile: 77.586

J.M. Martínez, G. Robles, M.V. Rojas, J. Sanz. Partial discharges pulse shape recognition using an inductive loop sensor, Measurement, Science and Technology, Vol 21, Issue 10, Oct. 2010, pp 105706 (10pp)

Abstract – Partial discharges (PD) are a clear ageing agent on insulating materials used in high-voltage electrical machines and cables. For this reason, there is increasing interest in measuring this phenomenon in an effort to forecast unexpected failures in electrical equipment. In order to focus on harmful discharges, PD pulse shape analysis is being used as an insulation defect identification technique. In this paper, a simple, inexpensive and high-frequency inductive loop sensor will be used to detect and acquire PD pulses. Several measurements will be made on some controlled test cell geometries in order to characterize PD pulse shapes for different discharge sources. The sensor identification capability has been checked in an insulationsystem where two simultaneous PD sources were active.

Keywords –  partial discharges, electrical insulation, inductive sensor, pulse shape analysis, pulse identification.