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2010/2012 Italy-Spain Coordinated Project

Coordinated Actions

of Renewable Production in Multi-Areas,

considering the Market Environment



AI IT10425C7D: Azioni coordinate per lo sfruttamento di fonti rinnovabili in sistemi multi-area in un ambiente di mercato

IA IT2009-0063: Acciones coordinadas de los recursos renovables en sistemas multi-áreas, considerando un entorno de mercado


Project funded by the Ministry of Instruction, Universities and Research of Italy

and the Ministry of Science and Innovation of Spain




The Climate Change threat modified the habitual perspective of the energy. Non conventional renewable resources (wind, solar radiation, geothermal and others) must be stimulated, to reduce the negative effects of the CO2 emissions. Hydro generation (a traditionally operated renewable resource) can constructively helps to increase the participation of non conventional renewable resources. The present project aims to:


a) Analyse and mathematically represent the actual restrictions of hydro generation, considering social, environmental and economical conditions in a Climate Change perspective;

b) Develop operational tools for a better integration of the renewable mix in a regional scene, using multi-area methodologies; and

c) Elaborate and analyse economical procedures that allows the better integration of the renewable mix of generations in the market, through regional compensations.


Both Italian and Spanish teams have sound experience in the area. The complementation of their abilities and expertises has the potential of set up a durable international association, able to be improved by the incorporation of research teams of other countries.



Project Integrants.

Berizzi, Alberto (Coordinator, Italian Team)

Bovo, Cristian

Ilea, Valentin

Merlo, Marco

Silva, Paolo

Castronuovo, Edgardo D.  (Coordinator, Spanish Team)

Bullejos Martin, David

Hermida Garrote, Maria Gloria

Jaramillo Duque, Álvaro

Martínez Crespo, Jorge

Moreno López De Saá, María Ángeles

Santos Martín, David

Usaola García, Julio




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We are open to further collaborations.