Statistical correlation between partial discharge pulses magnitudes measured in the HF and UHF range

J.M. Martínez-Tarifa, G. Robles, J.M. Fresno and J.A. Ardila-Rey. Paper accepted in the International Conference on Dielectrics (ICD) 2018 — 2nd, 5th July — Budapest — Hungary

Abstract—Partial discharge (PD) detection using antennas has become a useful technique for condition monitoring of highvoltage equipment. However, one of its main drawbacks is the lack of knowledge for the quantification of the PD magnitudes, which is possible when conventional capacitive dividers or highfrequency
current transformers (HFCT) are used. This paper studies a possible relation between PD pulses measured in the HF and RF range. Different types of PD events were measured in the HF range using an HFCT and in the VHF/UHF range using two types of antennas. The peak value and the energy of each PD pulse have been studied for both HF and radio-frequency (RF) sensors, representing them in graphics. In addition, the possible
statistical dependence between variables (peak-energy; peakpeak; energy-energy) has also been quantified.

Keywords—Partial discharges, UHF measurements, HF measurements, Antennas, IEC60270, Correlation.